Name: Sebastião Almeida Mota
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 03/09/2021

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Marcia Regina Santana Pereira Advisor *

Examining board:

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Gustavo Viali Loyola Internal Examiner *
José Bohland Filho External Examiner *
Marcia Regina Santana Pereira Advisor *

Summary: This work reports the application of an Instructional Material (IM) that addresses
concepts related to teaching uniform movement (MU) within the content of kinematics
for the 1st year of high school. The IM was developed based on the assumptions of
the Meaningful Learning Theory, initially proposed by David Ausubel, and on the
guidelines of Marco Antonio Moreira, for the development of a Potentially Significant
Teaching Unit (UEPS) in the form of a didactic sequence for the teacher. The
research seeks to establish a relationship between the teaching of physics and
mathematics investigating strategies for teaching articulated MU content and related
function through different forms of representation of movement as a function of time,
seeking to analyze and interpret situations and problems alternating between the
representation by graphics, the tabular form, the description of a time function and
the verbal language. Data collection was carried out in two stages, using pre- and
post-test questionnaires. The results obtained were analyzed quantitatively, and the
evolution of the answers can demonstrate evidence of a possible significant learning.
In general, students were motivated to seek their knowledge, becoming part of the
teaching and learning process, demonstrating a willingness to carry out the proposed

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