Name: Rodolfo Sant'Ana Silva
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 11/10/2019

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Geide Rosa Coelho Advisor *

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Eliane Ferreira de Sá External Examiner *
Geide Rosa Coelho Advisor *
Mirian do Amaral Jonis Silva Internal Examiner *

Summary: In this dissertation we present a research resulting from the development and
implementation of an Inquiry-Based Teaching Sequence (IBTS) that articulates
physics and astronomical knowledge. The objective of IBTS is to promote the practice
of astronomical observation, with and without instruments, while providing the
development of physical knowledge about refraction and reflection phenomena
through the study of telescopes. The objective of the research is to analyze the
pedagogical mediation in the development of IBTS with high school students. The
intervention was implemented in four classes of the second grade of a high school of
a school located in the country of Serra of Espírito Santo state network, being 63 boys
and 65 girls, totaling 138 students aged 15 to 18 years old, between June and August
of 2018. The classes were recorded in audio and video. The classes were transcribed
so that through the discursive interactions established in the classroom it was possible
to analyze the mediation established during the IBTS being careful with consistensy
with inquiry in science teaching assumptions. For the dissertation we brought the
analysis of two classes, one configured as investigative and the other as non-
investigative, which allowed us to rethink the interactions established in these classes.
These analyzes indicate that the self-assessment of teaching practice can contribute
positively to the understanding of the elements that occurred throughout the class and,
consequently, a better understanding of the investigative perspective, allowing us to
rethink the actions and contextualization for the next interventions. Assuming research
teaching as a pedagogical stance requires a change in the way of interacting and
establishing mediations in the classroom, and this movement is an important process
for appropriating the approach.

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