Name: André Henrique Torres Muller
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 20/08/2019

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Flavio Gimenes Alvarenga Advisor *

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Breno Rodrigues Segatto Internal Examiner *
Flavio Gimenes Alvarenga Advisor *
Germano Amaral Monerat External Examiner *

Summary: This dissertation presents a didactic sequence for the teaching of the first and second laws of
thermodynamics using a prototype Stirling engine. Moreover, other experiments were
developed, such as a rocket launcher using pieces of pipe and PVC connections coupled to a
bottle a fixed tube and a pump to fill tires; a glass tube attached to a medical syringe; and a
glass tube attached to a bladder. It was emphasize the demonstration of the physical concepts
related to the experiments. The theoretical framework that supports the development of this
didactic sequence, as well as the strategies for its use in the classroom, is based on David
Ausubel's Theory of Significant Learning. This theory is based on the student's previous
knowledge about heat, being this one of the subsumers used. Thus, this dissertation proposes
the use of meaningful learning to bring to the student a form of teaching that satisfies him
regarding his historical-cultural context, for the construction of knowledgement. The didactic
sequence was applied in the second semester of 2018 in 02 classes of high school second grade
of the public network of the State of Espírito Santo, consisting of 8 lectures and explanation
about the following contents: (i) transformation of the ideal gases; (ii) work carried out in a gas
transformation; (iii) 1st law of thermodynamics and its application to gaseous transformations;
(iv) 2nd law of thermodynamics with its basic applications. A pre-test was applied prior to the
use of the sequence and at the end of its usage, a post-test was applied. This pos-test aiming at
determine if the student was able to identify the concepts of thermodynamics involved in the
employed experiments, and how thermodynamics can be or is applied in his daily life on
equipment andevents similar to that shown.

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