Name: Adriano Ricardo da Silva Trabach
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 31/08/2018

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Laércio Ferracioli Advisor *

Examining board:

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Giovani Zanetti Neto External Examiner *
Gustavo Viali Loyola Internal Examiner *
Laércio Ferracioli Advisor *

Summary: The present work reports the use of Gowin's epistemological V, denominated in this work of
Diagram V structuring the application of the video-analysis in experimental activities of
Physics in a public state school in Espírito Santo, ES. The school WHERE the work was carried
out is the State School of Fundamental and Secondary Education São João Batista located
in the Municipality of Cariacica, in the metropolitan area of Greater Victoria. It was developed
four experimental activities of Physics with a class of the 1st year of high school, with
students with 15 years on average. Activities were performed on Rectilinear and Uniform
Motion, Rectilinear and Uniformly Varied Motion, Free Fall and Oblique Launching, with
Diagram V being used as a structuring tool for the process of using video analysis,
orientation, data collection and evaluation throughout the process. Diagrams V produced by
the students were analysed according to the criteria proposed by Gowin and Alvarez (2005)
and Prado (2015). The results revealed that Diagram V has proved to be a highly effective
tool for structuring the application of video analysis for data acquisition, organization and
analysis of experiments, allowing students to concisely and organized express their
knowledge at the same time which reflect on the construction of one's own knowledge

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