Name: Giovane Pereira Rodes
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 14/12/2017

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Mirian do Amaral Jonis Silva Advisor *

Examining board:

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Eliane Ferreira de Sá External Examiner *
Junia Freguglia Machado Garcia Internal Examiner *
Miriam de Magdala Pinto Advisor *

Summary: In this present work presentation the proposal the teaching Hydrostatic, specifically
The Stevin's Theorem, theoretical and methodological assumptions of science
teaching by research, developed during the second semester of 2016, in a first-year
high school class integrated to the computer course, with a total of 38 students, in a
public school, located in Serra Espírito Santo (ES). The present qualitative study
consists in a intervention research, which we developed and implemented a
Sequence of Investigative Teaching (SEI), turned to the contribution of Teaching by
Research to the construction of physical concepts related to Hydrostatics and some
possible applications technological. The sequence has two steps. In the first stage,
problematization, we have proposed a problem involving possible ways of collecting
and reusing rainwater at school. In the next stage, deepening of the content, we
performed an investigative demonstration, from which the knowledge about Stevin's
Theorem was systematized. In order to produce the data, we made filming lessons,
audio recordings, textual productions for the students and the field journal
a researcher teacher. These data were produced during activities done by students
throughout SEI. With the data produced, we analyze the students' involvement in
solving the problem, the process of hypothesis collection and the evidence the
occurrence of conceptual, attitudinal and procedural development. The results
pointed out elements that indicate the Teaching by Research has potentiated the
teaching of Physics, so that the students, begin to perceive Physics, as Science and
not more, as a discipline that comes down to the application formulas. The process of
elaboration and implementation the SEI provided reflection moments and
resignification the teaching practices. The research reaffirms the contributions the
research teaching to the construction physical concepts already pointed out in the
literature, emphasize the formative nature of research, not only in scientific
education, but especially in the professional improvement of the teachers.

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