Name: Diego Motta Libardi
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/07/2014

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Giuseppi Gava Camiletti Advisor *

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Evelyse dos Santos Lemos External Examiner *
Giuseppi Gava Camiletti Advisor *
Rosilene de Sá Ribeiro External Examiner *

Summary: The main objectives of this paper were to elaborate, implement and evaluate the
impact of an instructional material, addressing the concepts that relate to the topic
temperature. The study was conducted with a group of students from the 2nd year of
high school, a federal school located in the municipality of Itapemirim in the State of
Espírito Santo.The instructional material was based on assumptions of Meaningful
Learning of Ausubel and on guidelines for preparation of Potentially Meaningful
Teaching Units of Moreira. The basic premise of Ausubel's theory is that meaningful
learning only occurs when new information is the basis of the cognitive structure of
the learner. It is necessary to find out what students already know and focus teaching
on it, starting from the most general and inclusive concepts to more specific ones.
The Progressive Concept Maps show positive results. Reviews Content Issues
presented along the Instructional Material Questionnaire students’ opinions as well
as the Diary teacher / graduate student. The approach of data analysis was
qualitative. The results of concept maps showed great improvements in their
conceptual hierarchy, quality and quantitative criteria considered. The result of
evaluation suggests that students demonstrate mastery of the content of
temperature. Activities to respond and discuss the issues contained in the
Instructional Material showed the existence of many subsumers over the content
under study and provided moments of social interaction and negotiation of meaning.
The opinion of the students and the logbook teacher / graduate student show that the
insertion of elements of everyday life as well as experiments and computer
simulations were well accepted and considered relevant to the teaching / learning of
the concepts covered. These results are indicative of a potentially significant to
promote meaningful learning of the contents of temperature, for high school students
Instructional Material.

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